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Conserve Our Precious Water!

Water is one of our most precious resources. 

A leaky faucet with even a slow drip
can waste over a
thousand gallons 
of water per year.

Instead of letting all that water
(and money)
go down the drain, 



Drain Cleaning
Hydro-Jetting Services

Video Drain Inspection

Water, Sewer and Gas repairs and re-piping

Water Heaters

Fixture Repair and Replacement

Large Inventory Stocked on Trailers

Stanford Plumbing
PO Box 544
Eldorado, TX 76936

Mark Stanford
Master Plumber



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We work in Ozona weekly! We split up travel
mileage and time with multiple jobs!


Contact Information
phone: (325) 853-2500
Offer Valid: August 2, 2018September 18, 2018
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